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Recuerdos del Salón Internacional de Gastronomía SIG 2011. Galería y poesía

clocks time passed
A partir de imágenes de Jesús Bastidas y versos de canciones de Elvis Costello, nuestro editor Jesús Nieves Montero repasa su experiencia como coordinador general del SIG 2011


«And you think you’re a guest,
you’re a tourist at best
Peering into the corners
of your dark life…» Elvis Costello, My dark life


«And so this had to be
painted from memory
funny, now I can see
How looks can be deceiving…» Elvis Costello, Painted from memory


«So stay the hands, arrest the time
Till I am captured by your touch
Blessings I don’t count
Small mercies and such
The flags may lower as we approach the favourite hour…» Elvis Costello, Favourite hour


«Two newspaper editors like playground sneaks
Running the book on which of them is going to last the week
One of them calls to me
And he says, «I know you»
«You gave me this tattoo back in ’82»
«You were a spoilt child then with a record to plug»
«And I was a shaven headed seaside thug»
«Things haven’t really changed that much»
«One of us is still getting paid too much»» Elvis Costello, When I Was Cruel No. 2


«Despite the contradiction and confusion
felt tragic without reason
there’s malice and there’s magic in every season…» Elvis Costello, The other side of summer (imagen @TutuDominguez)

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