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King of wishful thinking, Go West

King of wishful thinking, Go West

I refuse to give in to my blues
That’s not how it’s going to be
And I deny the tears in my eyes
I don’t want to let you see… no
That you have made a hole in my heart
And now I’ve got to fool myself…

I’ll get over you… I know I will
I’ll pretend my ship’s not sinking
And I’ll tell myself I’m over you
‘Cause I’m the king of wishful thinking…

4 comentarios el “King of wishful thinking, Go West

  1. […] If i could be king, even for a day i’d take you as my queen, i’d have it no other way and our love will rule, in this kingdom we have made till then i’d be a fool, wishin’ for the day […]

  2. […] the others go ‘Cause you don’t look like they do Said hey old man how can you stand To think that way Did you really think about it Before you made the rules He said, […]

  3. […] see your face before me As I lay on my bed I kinda get to thinking Of all the things you said, oh yes I did You gave your promise to me and I Gave mine to you I need […]

  4. […] Although I only want the best it’s true They can’t believe the things I do for you […]


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